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It's still Christmas - Ainda é Natal

Yes, Christmas is still out there and I'm not tired of doing more presents!
I did some hats:

Details here
Pattern: Slouched Tuva Hat

Details here
Pattern: Olivia's Butterfly

Details here Pattern based on this one: In Bloom Cap
Also, I did some more bags:

...pattern from the Purl Bee.

(two more from my favorite, posted here)

It's us, the Christmas Spirit! - Somos nós, o espírito de Natal!

It's up to each of us, to enjoy this beautiful time!

É responsabilidade de cada um de nós,
aproveitar esta época maravilhosa! make things with our hands, instead of buying...

... fazer coisas com as nossas mãos, em vez de comprar...

Source: via Marta on Pinterest cook delicious things...

... cozinhar coisas deliciosas...

Source: via Dana on Pinterest
...and to try to join everyone at the table!...

...e fazer com que todos se juntem à mesa!...

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
And that's all!

E é tudo!


It's time to make presents - Tempo para fazer presentes

Finished presents!

These two were made following
this Noodlehead tutorial.

The main fabrics are from IKEA.

These two little bags were made
following this tutorial.


São os primeiros presentes de Natal

Os dois primeiros sacos foram feitos
deste tutorial, do site Noodlehead.

Os dois últimos, deste aqui.